University of Colorado Boulder Swing Space

Acoustic Distinctions collaborated with Pfeiffer Partners Architects to complete a new temporary music instruction facility on the University of Colorado, Boulder campus for use during the renovation of their existing music facility. The temporary facility includes 15 faculty teaching studios, 5 Practice Rooms, and a Percussion Ensemble Room in three free-standing, tightly clustered structures located under the roof of the old Carlson gymnasium.

The facility was realized using helpful existing features of the Carlson Gym. The expansive gym interior allowed for plenty of space, and isolation from exterior noise. Moderately isolated wood floors were created from the gym floor by cutting ‘islands’ at each room. Partitions are mounted on the underlying floor slab with 1” separation between acoustically sensitive rooms. Each cluster has its own dedicated vibration isolated Fan-coil unit supplying climate control with the right amount of background noise to support isolation and music instruction.

The end result is a music instruction facility that provides adequate sound isolation for music instruction that is right-priced for a temporary facility. Upon completion of the new renovation of their existing facility, music faculty will be moved into the new building.

Acoustic Distinctions is also providing acoustics and AV consulting services for the new renovation of their existing facility, which is scheduled for completion in Fall of 2020.