fueled by the collective process of discovery

At AD, we ensure our clients and design partners make informed decisions. We draw insights from thousands of diverse, completed projects, adapting them to new contexts to give current clients and partners the benefit of our past experience. Our extensive exposure to acoustic design and construction challenges and the creative ways we overcame them, help us develop innovative solutions for each new project.

How We Bring Value: We approach acoustics from the standpoint of how design choices affect and enhance space functionality. Ways we do this include:

  • data collection and analysis
  • computer modeling
  • stakeholder engagement
  • advance understanding of design choices and the implications they carry on project outcomes relating to costs and end-user experience
  • testing and inspections
  • draw from insights gained from different project types and adopting them to new contexts to achieve additional value for clients, partners and collective project goals

These efforts support goals of looking at all the systems together to make sure they work in harmony rather than against each other.


What We Work Towards: We help create spaces that:

  • people feel good to be in
  • support the highest artistic achievement in performance
  • advance client operational efficiencies and business models
  • are sustainable and energy efficient
  • are beautiful and advance a distinctive architectural aesthetic
  • are achievable through cost-effective means