System Design for 21st Century – maximize the moment and sustain lifelong memories

In many environments, Technology is the partner and complement to Acoustics. Whether your project calls for a high-end AV design or a modest conferencing system, let us help you get the technology right—in scale, sophistication, and price. We work to integrate AV technologies into spaces seamlessly and with aesthetic sensitivity while providing the capacity for future expansion. Our design capabilities include systems for:


  • Sound Reinforcement and Playback
  • Audio Mixing and Production
  • Production Intercom and Paging
  • Multimedia Capture and Streaming
  • Recording and Broadcast Accommodation
  • Video Projection and Display
  • Video Walls and Digital Signage
  • Video Image Magnification and Production
  • Videoconferencing and Distance Learning
  • ADA Compliance
  • Sound Masking
  • Electronic Architecture