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Project Integrity – Wellness Checks

As institutions face growing budget challenges, AD is launching an acoustic wellness check initiative to help clients identify practical measures to boost sustainability and operational efficiencies.

New for 2023, AD is launching a facility wellness initiative. Directed to past clients or referrals who have been using their facilities for some time, this initiative re-engages the commissioning process performed years before. It provides the opportunity for current operational staff and…

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Reflections on Integrity – Part 2

Measures & Manifestations

President and Founder of Acoustic Distinctions, David Kahn, reflects on 32 years in business and shares thoughts on integrity in action…

Upon reflecting on the importance of integrity to the firm’s 32 years in business, here are a few thoughts on how integrity can be measured and highlights of ‘integrity in action’.

We measure the strength of our integrity by repeat clients, longstanding partnerships, and a large portfolio of successf…

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Professional Integrity – Keeping Busy

AD maintains a strong work base o…

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