The Culture Behind Distinctions

At first, the task of changing the company name seemed daunting.  For more than 20 years, Acoustics and AV Systems have been at the core of what we do, how we think, and how we look at the world.  Rebranding required an interruption from our daily routine.  Honestly, we prefer spending our time helping our clients position themselves for the future.  Thinking about our own future feels awkward.  Do what we do, do it well… that should be enough, right?  But reality requires the occasional hard look in the mirror and coming to terms with who one is and who one wants to be. 

We are problem solvers, teachers and partners.  We are also engineers, former architecture students, musicians, artists, parents, patrons, students, enthusiasts, listeners and viewers.  We integrate diverse design perspectives and ensure our clients understand how design choices affect project outcomes and enhance the end-user experience.  That’s what we do – who we are and, ultimately, who we want to be.

We gravitate towards challenges that are beyond routine because we like to think, explore and discover.  We enjoy the collaborative process and its power in achieving great design solutions.  Our core values and ideals center on community, accuracy, artistry and integrity.  When spaces carry functionality requirements to support engagement and collaboration activities, serving as an integrated design partner assures that critical details are addressed and handled to meet end-user needs.  In arts, media, corporate, government, worship mixed/use and education projects, experience has shown that excellence is achieved when design is in harmony.

Our passion, strengths and achievements are what makes our team distinctive, professional and personable. From the way we work to the results achieved, we help bring Design in Harmony.