Appalachian State University Graduate, Jacoby Brown, Lands With ‘Distinctions’

B.S. Music Industry Studies graduate, Jacoby Brown, has been immersed in various aspects of the performance experience – both as a musician (violin) and music producer. Expanding and leveraging knowledge gained at Appalachian State University, he moves on to a new realm of distinction by focusing on acoustics and design. Brown joins the team of US-based acoustic and A/V consulting and design firm, Acoustic Distinctions…

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Join us in welcoming our summer intern, Erin!

Acoustic Distinctions is excited to welcome our new intern Erin for the summer. We welcomed her to the team with a sailing AD-venture.

Originally from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Erin is a rising senior at the University of Rochester majoring in Mechanical Engineering and double minoring in Music and Musical Acoustics. She is the Principal Bassoonist of her school’s Symphony Orchestra, plays clarinet, works as a Teaching Assistant for the Mechanical Engineering Department, and is an act…

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Concert Experience Recap – Morgan Hall, Bailey Performance Center, Kennesaw State University

Having lived in the Atlanta area during its growth spurt in the aftermath of the ’96 Olympic Games, I was familiar with Kennesaw State University (KSU). I learned of The Bailey Performance Art Center years later as the marketing manager for New York-based acoustic consulting firm, Acoustic Distinctions. The Center was less than 5 years old when I first started with the firm and the positive raves of the concert hall’s acoustics continued to roll in. Naturally, the project became a staple…

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Project Integrity – Wellness Checks

As institutions face growing budget challenges, AD is launching an acoustic wellness check initiative to help clients identify practical measures to boost sustainability and operational efficiencies.

New for 2023, AD is launching a facility wellness initiative. Directed to past clients or referrals who have been using their facilities for some time, this initiative re-engages the commissioning process performed years before. It provides the opportunity for current operational staff and…

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Reflections on Integrity – Part 2

Measures & Manifestations

President and Founder of Acoustic Distinctions, David Kahn, reflects on 32 years in business and shares thoughts on integrity in action…

Upon reflecting on the importance of integrity to the firm’s 32 years in business, here are a few thoughts on how integrity can be measured and highlights of ‘integrity in action’.

We measure the strength of our integrity by repeat clients, longstanding partnerships, and a large portfolio of successf…

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Professional Integrity – Keeping Busy

AD maintains a strong work base o…

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How Professional Integrity Ties to Artistry

Professional integrity, as it ties to artistry, is a particular focus for us here at AD. Being on a team with active musicians helps provide insight into end-user needs and the environments required. “It offers balance in what we deliver as consultants and the experience as a musician end-user” – David Kahn.
Last week, AD team members, David Kahn (trumpet) and Seth Lunick (euphonium), played with the Hudson Valley Wind Ensemble, for the Maryknoll Sisters of St. Domin…

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David Kahn reflects on 32 years in business and shares thoughts on integrity

In reflecting on achievements of 2022 and sharing a positive outlook for 2023, I find myself inclined to acknowledge the timelessness of one of the firm’s core values – integrity.
Part 1 of this reflection discusses the importance of integrity for our busine…

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In between assignments, AD’s team is active on multiple thought leadership initiatives oriented to community – particularly the education community.

David Kahn co-presented with Dave Irvin, Associate VP for Facilities at Florida State Univ., to facility planners and operators at the APPA (Leadership in Educational Facilities) 2022 national conference. Their session, “Ensure Success? Pick the Right Design Consultant!”, spoke of the…

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A Festive February Gala Heats the Stage of University of Memphis’s new Scheidt Family Performing Arts Center

AD’s Team congratulates the University of Memphis Community and project partners for the successful opening of the new $40M, 82,000-SF Scheidt Family Performing Arts Center. Kicked-off with a celebratory gala earlier this month, festivities included a tour of many spaces AD worked on including 1,000-seat performance space, performance support facilities, rehearsal rooms, classrooms/ teaching spaces, administration/ faculty offices, a…

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