We Are Hiring!!! AD has an immediate opening for an entry-level Acoustics Consultant

Acoustics Consultant

Acoustic Distinctions has an immediate opening for an entry-level Acoustics Consultant to join our team in Stamford, CT.  The successful applicant may be a recent graduate in acoustics, architecture, mechanical engineering, or other related degree program who is self-motivated, inquisitive, has excellent problem-solving skills, and would like an opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects in a collaborative work environment offering opportun…

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Time Tested Performing Arts Centers

To age magnificently, spaces must not only reflect the owner’s vision today but also anticipate future needs. Read about four AD projects that still, after decades of use, are as beautiful to look at as they sound and have required no acoustic modifications since their opening.

Time Tested Performing Arts Centers

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How Room Acoustics Design of Worship Spaces Is Shaped by Worship Styles and Priorities

The 2021 Fall Issue of Acoustics Today is available online for free.
We are proud to share that AD Principal David Kahn’s article “How Room Acoustics Design of Worship Spaces is Shaped by Worship Styles and Priorities” is featured on page 31. 

Distinctively AD – What sets us apart?

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PennStater Magazine – He’s Always Hearing Things

PennStater Magazine’s writeup on AD Principal David Kahn, “He’s Always Hearing Things”.

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Clients, Not Products, Determine the Best Solution to Acoustic Issues

Consistent with our core values of artistry, accuracy, community and integrity, there is a strong culture of “giving back” at Acoustic Distinctions.  Particularly now during these challenging times, we have been focused on how we can help and how we can add value to other professionals who work in the built environment and to the end users of these facilities.

In one recent week, we were contacted by two separate individuals with a common problem: noise from a neighboring propert…

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Enhancing Virtual Communication from Home

COVID-19 has significantly impacted the way people work today and will probably continue to affect workflow and the work environment in the future. Many corporate employers have transitioned to remote work; virtual teleconferences have largely replaced in-person meetings.

While the audio-visual technology available today aids remote communication and accommodates those not wanting to leave the house, the quality of virtual communication is inarguably not the same as that of in-person …

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AIA-accredited presentation on the topic of Acoustic Standards for School Design

With conferences being cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many architects are faced with hardship trying to fulfill their AIA continuing education learning unit requirements. Let us help you!

We are pleased to offer an AIA-accredited presentation on the topic of Acoustic Standards for School Design. The presentation is approved to earn 1 AIA HSW credit for participants. This topic was originally presented at a Connecticut AIA-sponsored HSW Symposium event focused on acoustics. Wh…

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Music Lesson (real time)

Many instructors want to emulate the interactive nature of a live lesson as much as possible, but they will be limited to readily available conferencing tools such as Zoom, Skype, BlueJeans, Join.Me, etc. These conferencing sys…

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Cocktail Party Effect and Room Acoustics

Why are bars and restaurants sometimes so unbearably loud? So loud that you have to scream at the person across the table to hold a conversation?

The reason is something called “the cocktail party effect.” Imagine you are in a space with a number of other people. You talk. This raises the sound level, so the next person has to talk louder to be understood. Someone else now tries to be understood, plus your voice, plus the other person’s voice. This can escalate …

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