Appalachian State University Graduate, Jacoby Brown, Lands With ‘Distinctions’

B.S. Music Industry Studies graduate, Jacoby Brown, has been immersed in various aspects of the performance experience – both as a musician (violin) and music producer. Expanding and leveraging knowledge gained at Appalachian State University, he moves on to a new realm of distinction by focusing on acoustics and design. Brown joins the team of US-based acoustic and A/V consulting and design firm, Acoustic Distinctions (AD). As AD’s newest Acoustic Designer, Brown actively works as part of several collaborative design projects. Brown supplements AD’s 30+ years of organizational insights with fresh and current perspective on the musician experience, production studio environments and respective protocols associated with high-end performance, streaming, broadcast and recording operations.

“I am excited about being part of the creative process in a different way,” stated Brown. He wants to help shape spaces that serve artists, engineers and technicians more effectively. He also admits a fascination with the concept of a physical space aiding the creative process in a positive way. He ultimately desires to use his creativity and knowledge to achieve environments more suitable for artistic range and experimentation. “We are not as limited as I once thought,” recounts Brown, “as I learned more about acoustics in classes, I found myself tinkering more and more in the small rooms we worked in.” Brown was compelled to find ways to reduce annoyances that degraded the moment and (streamed/recorded) product.” Before long, Brown turned to explore improvements using technology. This led to a self-driven initiative to learn computational design. He built a 3-D model of the University’s active production studio utilizing AutoCAD 2023 and Dante. “I did this to test my infrastructure design skills.” The model included detailed structures, materials and in-depth wiring schematics.

Brown’s strong music background aligns well to the needs of AD’s performing arts client base. Brown offers insights into the expectations and needs of artists, music students and teachers. A South Carolina native and later Houstonian, Brown’s time as a touring musician with community symphonies and orchestras included U.S. travel and performance at venues such as Carnegie Hall and the University of North Texas’ English Auditorium. His energy for artistry and delighting audiences extends beyond the stage and includes sharing musical knowledge and technique through in- person and virtual instruction as a private violin teacher.

In more recent years, Brown’s concentrated studies in recording and production included extensive studio time and hands-on involvement with recording, broadcasting/streaming, editing, and archiving audio and video content. Interning at a professional recording studio in Nashville along with minoring in general business expanded Brown’s insights into the complexities of 21st Century production operations. He begins his career knowing the importance of finding cost-effective solutions for design and functionality.

In addition to strong ties in music and production communities, Brown brings a strong commitment to the spirit of community and community health. From fundraising efforts to help underprivileged families – to involvement with the National Society of Leadership and Success, Brown seeks opportunities to contribute to bigger pictures. He was the founder and president of an on-campus organization for his peers, The Black Sound Engineers of App State, which advanced strategies for inclusion. Through organizing monthly programs, he created opportunities for students to cultivate valuable real-world connections and ties to music industry professionals they could easily relate to.

At AD, Brown has already been collaborating with the in-house consulting team on various tasks including field measurements, calculations, data analysis, computer modeling, computational design, compiling data-informed reports and recommendations, reviewing drawing sets and collaborating details with other design disciplines. Brown will be working out of the Stamford, CT office and resides in Norwalk.