Riverside Church

Ongoing improvements to facilities within this historic landmark worship center in New York City’s upper west side has been part of a long-standing relationship initiated by an acoustic study of the Nave area in 1993.   

Integrated efforts for acoustics and AV system upgrades are part of an evolving master plan effort. Improvements are systematically implemented to respond to the Church’s broad range of activities conducted in spaces including the Nave, Christ Chapel and South Hall.  

Efforts have centered on improving speech intelligibility of sermons and providing even sound quality throughout the sanctuary.  AD’s team has also  addressed challenges of enabling a large open traditional setting to effectively support more contemporary music.  Upgrades continue to achieve a more natural reinforced sound through strategically placed (hidden) loudspeakers which create the illusion that reinforced sound is naturally coming from the chancel area.

Riverside Church

New York, NY

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A traditional large open setting which also supports intimate connections contemporary worshipers expect.  

Close collaboration with audio system designers enables a suitable blend of natural acoustics for an immersive worship setting while also accommodates speech intelligibility aspects of sermons.