Church of the Resurrection

New 1,400-seat sanctuary accommodates a growing Roman Catholic congregation and support a strong traditional service style.   Worship services feature music performances of large choir, organ, and small instrumental and voice ensembles.

AD’s services included close interface with Live Technologies for the sanctuary’s sound reinforcement system to ensure excellent clarity and intelligibility for the spoken word and occasionally serve  more contemporary style services with amplified music performances. 

AD worked with team architects to address the challenge of the semi-circular room shaping which posed an acoustical challenge for sound focusing and even coverage for congregates.  The collaboration resulted in developing shaping modifications which conveyed the circular feel, supported a strong natural acoustic environment appropriate for traditional worship music performance and achieved the desired immersive worship experience intended for congregants. 

Church of the Resurrection

New Albany, OH

Project Type
New Construction 


$5.5 Million


Seat Count

The semi-circular shape allows 1,400 congregants to feel connected and share in a collective intimate worship experience.  

AD’s design input was directed to achieving an effective natural acoustic environment for traditional style worship music and accommodate spoken word for sermons.