Rendering: Cunningham Architects


Temple Emanu-El

Upgrades to existing worship spaces and building addition for a new 500-seat sanctuary enables the largest synagogue in the South to better serve its growing Reform Jewish congregation. 

Excessive HVAC noise in the existing 700-seat Olan Sanctuary prompted upgrades to improve conditions to support stronger congregational participation.  Acoustic upgrades in finishes and sound absorption elements enable the 225-seat Lefkowitz Chapel to serve as a more effective space for smaller intimate worship services.  These adjustment also support the space’s ability to accommodate flexible-use purposes with movable seating.  The new 500-seat sanctuary features strong settings for congregational participation, unamplified music, shabbat, high holidays and weddings.

Temple Emanu-El

Dallas, TX

Project Type
New Construction & Renovation

$22 Million



Seat Count
500, 700, and 225

Cunningham Architects

Reduced HVAC background noise in 700-seat Olan Sanctuary supported stronger congregational participation and a heightened collective worship experience.  

Acoustic enhancements supported space authenticity – a more natural setting to enjoy music and readings while also enable the space to be adaptable for multiple uses.