Arborlawn Sanctuary

88,000-SF project included new 60,000 SF building addition and 28,000 SF renovations to existing facilities to support two churches merging into a single fellowship.  Design needed to convey the newly-formed Church’s vitality and accommodate anticipated growth.  The largest component was a new 1,200 SF main sanctuary space and entailed strong collaboration among congregation, spiritual leaders and design professionals. 

Sanctuary design goals included a warm worship setting and a strong natural acoustic environment to support a robust music program and community outreach initiatives.  This resulted in the space’s stunning natural acoustics ideal for showcasing the church’s music program encompassing a large choir, congregational singing and a new pipe organ.  Acoustic design challenges included overcoming a room shape which follows the outline of the cross.

Multi-discipline collaboration maximized value for the budget and enabled installation of a low noise HVAC system.  A two-story high concourse/ gathering space links sanctuary with renovated support spaces.  


Fort Worth, Texas

Project Type
New Construction

$13 Million


Square Footage


Seat Count

Hahnfeld Hoffer Stanford

The new 1,200 Sanctuary supports strong community outreach mission – such as serving as the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra’s second home.  

“Wonderful resonance through the entire dynamic range and not a sympathetic vibration one.  Quite amazing. The sound was warm, surrounding the listeners at every dynamic level.  More importantly, the singers passed me coming out of the performance saying again and again, “This is an incredible place to sing!”  Some area conductors in the audience were also salivating.”

Tom Stoker
Stoker Resources Group, LLC