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Williams College – ’62 Center For Theatre and Dance

New 126,000 SF world-class venue supports theatre and dance students in their pursuit of artistic excellence and, during summer months, serves as the home for the renowned Williamstown Theatre Festival.  The building consists of four performance venues including a 550-seat main stage proscenium theatre, a 200-seat flexible studio/black-box theatre, a 21-seat thrust stage theatre and a 40-seat dance studio which accommodates multi-use for rehearsal and informal performance.  Performance space use spans student performing ensembles, lectures and panel discussions, intercollegiate festivals and nationally renowned visiting artists performances.  Supporting spaces required strong settings to foster collaboration within spaces including directing studio, acting/dance studio for rehearsals, design and media classroom, scenic and wardrobe shops, department offices and other support spaces.  

Acoustical features support environments to serve multiple uses spanning dramatic and music theatrical presentations, amplified music, film projection and other uses.  Features include operable acoustic curtains, shaped wall surfaces and frequency-selective sound diffusive balcony fronts. 

Williams College

Williamstown, MA

Project Type
New Construction

$50 Million

Square Footage



Seat Count
550, 200, and 40

William Rawn Associates

Theatre Consultant
Theatre Projects Consultants

The center of student performance activity is the three-level flexible Studio Theater.   project-performing-arts008-170x140x2   project-performing-arts008-170x140x1

State-of the art facility provides student actors, dancers, designers, and ensembles a place to creatively collaborate with each other, renowned dance and theatre companies, and the College’s faculty.