Roosevelt National Historic Site

Acoustic study of the home of Franklin D. Roosevelt Springwood Estate addressed concerns over vibration caused by visitors.  Visitor traffic posed the risk of causing cosmetic and structural damage to the buildings.  AD’s team measured and analyzed vibration impact at two historic buildings within this National Park Service historic attraction.  These investigations helped determine if visitor loads and predicted future loads will have bearing on cosmetic and structural damage.  Services included guidelines and recommendations to fortify problematic areas.

National Park Service

Hyde Park, NY

Project Type
Historic Renovation



Robert Silman Associates, P.C.

The Springwood Estate carries historic integrity  as the home FDR loved and the first home of a US Presidential Library.  

Enabling history buffs to experience the beloved home of FDR as it stood in his day required scrutiny to risks posed by visitor traffic.  Preservation efforts allow 21st Century visitors to enjoy a living legacy for years to come.