Ruth and Elmer Wellin Museum of Art

New 30,000 SF building is a museum, teaching space and creative laboratory that promotes research and critical interpretation of the School’s collection of art and artifacts.  The state-of-the-art facility features a 6,200-SF flexible exhibition space with 27-foot-high glass display cases, classrooms, lounge, workshops, back of house support spaces and a 48-seat lecture hall.  The lecture hall is equipped with multimedia equipment to support academic instruction, panel discussions and film screenings.  

Acoustic design entailed close collaboration with MEP engineers to comply with desired background noise levels, staff and patron comfort, stringent temperature and humidity requirements for archives, and energy efficiency to meet the College’s sustainability goals.  AD’s focus included achieving appropriate environments for classroom spaces, lecture hall and public assembly areas (reverberation control and sound isolation) and integration of AV systems for 21st Century academic, collaboration and engagement needs.

Hamilton College

Clinton, NY

Project Type
New Construction

$8.5 Million


Square Footage


Seat Count

Machado and Silvetti Associates

A two-story glass archive hall  showcases the College’s unique collection and offers visibility to the workings of the museum’s receiving areas, archive spaces, administrative offices and seminar rooms.   WebPhoto1_HamiltonCollegeWellin   WebPhoto2_HamiltonCollegeWellinMuseum

Designed with the intent to create a  space that sparks curiosity, visual aesthetics offer a sense of transparency while technology offers elements of surprise and heightened capabilities for creative expression and engagement.