Columbus Museum of Art

Renovations to this historic museum building originally built in the 1930’s helped improve the patron museum experience and helped better position the institution for a pending major expansion.  In conjunction with a master plan, improvements included lecture hall refurbishments and renovations to galleries, offices, HVAC systems, conference rooms and support spaces.  Another large component involved replacing The Derby Court Gallery special event area roof with an all glass canopy.

To support a more functional and bright special event area, AD’s design input centered on controlling  space reverberance and integrating both sound absorptive finishes and sound amplification systems to meld and be hidden in the architectural aesthetic.  These improvements fostered stronger settings for galas and special events.

Immediate functionality enhancements included improvements to the lecture hall.  It now offers increased seating capacity and performance system upgrades provide sound mixing/recording system capabilities.

Columbus Museum of Art

Columbus, Ohio

Project Type


$10 Million


Schooley Caldwell Associates

The Derby Court Gallery, originally an outdoor courtyard, was covered with a skylight roof in the 1950’s and serves as the Museum’s premier special event space.   WebPhoto3_ColumbusMuseumArt   project-museum002-170x140x1

Interim renovation designs aligned with preparations for future expansion by addressing space usage, accessibility, patron flow and functionality enhancements.