The Gatehouse / Harlem Stage

Re-purposing an 1890 stone building listed on the National Register of Historic Places and originally used as a water pumping station provides a 3,000-SF open / flexible-use performance venue for City University and dedicated home for the Harlem Stage.  Two new floors were added to accommodate the lobby, patron amenities offices and dressing rooms.  Operated by Harlem Stage/Aaron Davis Hall, the space showcases work by leading dance groups, theater companies and musicians.  The masonry interior offers a strong natural acoustic setting ideal for music.

Acoustic challenges included custom enclosures for roof exhaust fans, large sound-proof doors to control street traffic noise, preserving building’s historic aesthetic and accommodating acoustic flexibility with movable wall treatments designed to seamlessly integrate with the colored brick interior. 

CUNY Harlem Stage

New York, NY

Project Type
Adaptive Re-use

$21 Million

Square Footage



Ohlhausen Dubois Architects

Theatre Consultant
Todd Berling

Flex-use state of the art auditorium with 200-seating capacity allows seating to be retracted to accommodate an open floor format for concerts and dancing.   WebPhoto1_GatehouseTheatre   WebPhoto2_GatehouseTheatre

“The historic Gatehouse, itself a national landmark and a fantastic part of the City’s heritage, is a fitting home for one of New York’s leading performing arts centers.”  Michael R. Bloomberg,
Former NYC Mayor