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Connellsville Area Senior High School

253,000-SF renovation combined with 65,000-SF addition for facility serving grades 10-12 expanded its capacity to serve 9th graders and meet energy efficiency goals compliant with LEED gold standards. To meet design goals centered on energy efficiency and occupant comfort, an integrated design approach kicked off with meeting with teachers, administrators and architects. AD was part of these discussions and provided an acoustic study to assess performance of existing spaces. Recommendations identified opportunities for improving sound isolation for classrooms, meeting challenges associated with space reverberance in daylighting existing interior classrooms and finish strategies for both classrooms and open teaching areas for large group instruction. A comprehensive design review verified appropriate details for partitions and room finishes in concert hall with mechanical/electrical design details of new energy efficient systems. This assured that systems met background noise levels requirements for instructional purposes and compliance for LEED Gold standards.

Connellsville Area Senior High School

Connellsville, PA

Project Type

Square Footage
65,352 SF Additions
253,194 SF Renovations

Construction Cost




Crabtree, Rohrbaugh & Associates

LEED Status
Gold Certified


Improved sound isolation and finish strategies were an important component of designing spaces for group instructional areas and enhancing the collective learning experience.   Connelsville_HighSchool_1   Connelsville_HighSchool_2

Highly efficient facility is projected to reduce energy consumption by 30% over national standards.  New space layouts, interior finishes and windows achieved vibrant modernized efficient learning facility serving a student population of 1,450 with accommodations for future growth and shifting educational needs.