Tobin Neis - Barbizon Lighting Company

Photo: Tobin Neis, Barbizon Lighting Company


WNET Studios

WNET’s studios at Lincoln Center provided a visual connection between the studio and the energy of New York City’s intersection of 66th Street and Broadway, yet subjected the studios to intrusive traffic noise.  AD provided a study and explored options to improve the studio environments to better support audio recording quality.  

Upon quantifying existing conditions, AD provided recommendations and supporting design details to improve sound isolation from exterior noise and  isolate noise between studios and waiting room areas.  Investigation also identified  additional opportunities to improve studio environments related to HVAC background noise.  


New York, NY



Project Type
Study with Recommendations and Renovation  

Addition of interior glazing eliminated intrusive noise while preserving the visual connection with the street and community.   WebPhoto2_WNETLincCtrStudio   WebPhoto1_WNETLincCtrStudio

Study of street level studio and studio directly above resulted in improvements which heighten the audio quality of WNET productions and enable the studio spaces to generate additional revenue via leasing opportunities to outside parties.