As part of a longstanding relationship with Viacom that began in 1995, AD’s team has provided acoustic design services for more than a dozen studio and production facility projects for various Viacom brands. Projects have included: MTV Street Front Midtown Studio, MTV Video Edit Facilities, Nickelodeon Animation Studios, Nickelodeon Insert Stage, MTV Network Digital Hybrid Video Production Facilities, Showtime Post Production Facility, Comedy Central TV Studio, and the VH-1 Video Production Facility.

AD’s team assured appropriate acoustical environments for high quality commercial post-production efforts and broadcast spaces. Focus included sound isolation and addressing critical mechanical and electrical systems noise and vibration control issues. One major challenge entailed sound isolation for flexible studio space to enable adjacent spaces to be used simultaneously and isolating sound between three street front studios overlooking the hustle and bustle of Manhattan’s Times Square.


New York, NY

Ongoing – Multiple Projects 


Project Type
New Construction
Space Re-purposing

Design addressed sound isolation issues for three street front studios overlooking the the noisy action of Manhattan’s Times Square.  

Ongoing work for Viacom has improved production and studio environments to better support popular entertainment programming.