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Home Box Office 

Since 1993, AD has provided acoustic consulting services for a variety of spaces and buildings owned and operated by HBO.  These include expansion and renovation of the main screening room in the corporate office headquarters, studio and production facility design for many spaces in the Production Center, acoustic design of QA/QC viewing and listening rooms, and acoustic and noise control for two interconnected mission-critical facilities which provide disaster recovery options by housing redundant copies of files and programs.

The Operations Center entailed interior fit out of 27,000 SF to house the expansion of HBO Network Quality Control Group that operates on a 24/7 schedule. Facilities include control room, screening rooms and conference room (“war room”) environments. The facility serves as emergency base of operations should other HBO facilities experience a power failure or other energy condition.

A new 40,000-SF Communications Center supports broadcasting operations. Operational 24 hours a day, the center provides 99.999 percent reliability equating to no more than five minutes of downtime, per channel, per year.  Protected by redundant power distribution, the facility can keep running for 18 days without outside fuel refills. Two mid-level servers, located on separate floors for redundancy, provide offline storage for approximately one year’s worth of content.


New York, NY

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Interior Fit-Out / New Construction


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Expanded and renovated main screening room at the corporate office headquarters offers a great setting for talent and producers to preview and celebrate original programs and premium films.  

Acoustical support for interior fit out work for offices combined with expertise to improve functionality for technical and production facilities provide HBO employees work settings that foster quality, innovation and creative collaboration.