Ronald Eligator, LEED AP, Principal

Ron has 30 years consulting experience in spaces for production, entertainment, learning, performance, living and working.  He has been actively engaged in leading acoustic and AV system design for a broad spectrum of projects including museums, corporate office, conference facilities, classroom spaces, performing arts and mixed use developments.  Additionally, Ron is known for specialized expertise in acoustic design for broadcast and production studios.  He is active in several industry associations and serves on the faculty of the Sustainable Interior Environments Graduate Program at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Ron is actively engaged with projects for corporate, government, broadcast, mixed use, museum, education and performing arts projects.     

A principal with AD since 1993, Ron has leveraged his background in acoustics, mechanical engineering, sound systems and music to advance the integrated design partner approach to the firm’s consulting services.  His broad base of knowledge combined with strong relational skills enable him to quickly align with the mindset of clients and different design disciplines.  He offers thoughtful and pragmatic input as part of the collaborative process and is committed to generating cohesive solutions which best meet end-user needs.   Coinciding with trends towards green design and energy efficiency, Ron’s increasing involvement with LEED projects and professional peer groups offer additional insights into integrated design practices in meeting technical challenges and enhancing end user experiences.                   

Education background includes an MS in Mechanical Engineering from Yale University and a BA in Music from Williams College.