David W. Kahn, LEED AP, Principal

David’s 30 year career in the field of architectural acoustics offers an emphasis in musical performance space design. His work with architects and performance organizations carries particular focus on integrating acoustical design to achieve strong natural acoustic environments. As an active trumpet player with the NY Symphonic Arts Ensemble, he offers strong perspective toward the musician end-user needs. He has been involved on numerous historic theater renovations. David frequently speaks about acoustics and how it enhances end-user experiences. He is on the faculty of Yale University, Graduate School of Drama and is a visiting lecturer at NJ Institute of Technology.

David’s area of expertise centers on performance-oriented spaces for higher education, civic/community, worship, high-tech cinematic and K-12 clients.  He also has been involved with multi-purpose / public assembly spaces within healthcare/medical facilities.  

The founding principal of AD, David’s commitment has been directed to extending his passion to achieve exceptional spaces for emerging talent of all ages in various contexts.  He believes in possibilities and takes great joy in being part of collective efforts to shape spaces to support, foster and inspire artistry.  He is highly energized by the collaborative process.  From conducting acoustic studies to identify challenges and opportunities through programming assistance, design criteria and guideline development, detailed design, construction documents, construction administration and commissioning, David remains actively engaged to assure positive project outcomes.  Three decades of experience along with an obsession with what is cost-effective have provided strong insights to balancing end-user needs with project budgets.

Education background includes a MS in Acoustics from Penn State and a BS in Engineering from Columbia University.