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The Culture Behind Distinctions

At first, the task of changing the company name seemed daunting.  For more than 20 years, Acoustics and AV Systems have been at the core of what we do, how we think, and how we look at the world.  Rebranding required an interruption from our daily routine.  Honestly, we prefer spending our time helping our clients position themselves for the future.  Thinking about our own future feels awkward.  Do what we do, do it well… that should be enough, right?  But reality requires the occasio…

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Entry-Level Acoustic Consultant

Acoustic Distinctions is seeking an entry-level Acoustics Consultant to join our team in New York, NY and/or Stamford, CT. The successful applicant may be a recent graduate in acoustics, architecture, mechanical engineering, or other related degree program who is self-motivated, inquisitive, has excellent problem-solving skills, and would like an opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects in a collaborative work environment offering opportunities for professional growth. The position r…

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Acoustic Consultant – New York

Acoustic Distinctions has an immediate opening for an Acoustic Consultant.  The position may be located at either our midtown New York City location, or in our Stamford, Connecticut, office, as best suits the candidate.

The successful candidate will have experience in acoustics consulting, including room acoustic design, sound isolation, mechanical noise control, and environmental acoustics.  She or he will also possess skills and knowledge in programming, evaluation, design, documen…

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