Acoustic Distinctions Proudly Announces New Hire Charlie Burnor as Senior Associate, AV

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Arthur van der Harten, CENG, M.IOA, M.ASA

Acoustic Distinctions || Pachyderm Acoustic

The Limitations of Absorption Coefficients

For the majority of the relatively short history of architectural acoustics as practice, the dissipation of sound energy by way of surface interaction has been characterized by a single value per unit of spectrum (usually the octave-band or third-octave band) tw…

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SVG Sit Down: Upfront Coordination of Systems Integration, Architecture, Audio Is Key to Successful Control-Room Design

Article by Sports Video Group that interviews industry leaders on how up…

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Designing the Color and Flavor of Sound in Your Building – an Appeal to Architects

Check out this month’s Architext, AIA Central PA’s seasonal newsletter featuring AD Senior Consultant Arthur van der Harten’s article “Designing the Color and Flavor of Sound in Your Building – an Appeal to Architects.”


Pachyderm Acoustic is a free plugin for cad which simulates sound during…

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Integrated Passive and Active Room Acoustics


Click on the link above to read David Kahn’s article “Integrated Passive and Active Room Acoustics” in the NCAC seasonal newsletter. 

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How Architectural Wood Grilles Affect Acoustics and Aesthetics at Weitz Center for Creativity at Carleton College

A key feature of the acoustic and architectural design of the new Kracum Performance Hall at Carleton College’s new 56,000 SF addition to the Weitz Center for Creativity is patterned wood grilles which accomplish two goals: to allow sound to pass through the grilles to reach hidden retractable sound absorbing curtains, and to create a memorable and architecturally attractive space. AD worked…

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Pachyderm Acoustic Empowers Architects to Use a New Building Material – Sound!

Our Senior Consultant Arthur van der Harten has been developing an open source collaborative tool for acoustics simulation called Pachyderm Acoustic Simulation. This tool has been gaining popularity among architects and designers who are interested in working directly with geometry and acoustics. By exchanging models and simulation schemes in Rhino and Grasshopper, Pachyderm allows a new…

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The Birds and Bees of Designing Conference Rooms

A conference room is often the heart of an organization’s facility. It is that part of the “hive” where essential information is exchanged. This room needs to look and feel right to instill confidence for room occupants and the room’s acoustics inherently needs to support speech intelligibility.

Designing a room that looks right and enables every room occupant – physical and virtual (via tele or video conference) – to be heard and understood stems from the effecti…

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From Banking to Ballads – Historic Lancaster Trust Building Repositioned as Distinctive Setting for Elevating Humanity and Artistic Excellence

A century ago, no expense was spared to build the downtown headquarters of Lancaster’s largest bank. Finished in 1912, the vision of Lancaster’s leading architect, C. Emlen Urban, resulted in one of Central Pennsylvania’s most stunning buildings. The bank failed in 1932 and the structure remained vacant for 50 years until efforts were waged to revitalize it for the arts.

AD’s Senior Associate, Christopher Brooks played a part in this transformation beginning in1995 when he help…

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Rekindling the Romance of Historic Theaters – Beyond The Crumbling Facade

The crumbling facade of the vacant old theater to the casual onlooker is an eyesore. There are hundreds of them across North America.  Once vibrant settings showcasing human creativity, these performing arts centers have fallen victim to the march of progress – abandoned in favor of more modern performing arts centers, cinematic megaplexes and home theater systems.  Municipalities who serve as guardians to these buildings struggle with difficult choices:  do they engage the services of a…

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